Transforming onboarding for LNER

Under new and innovative leadership, L&D at LNER sought to create the best onboarding programme in the business.

All new recruits at LNER attended the same five-day induction. Because the programme had to accommodate a wide range of roles, the content had over time become a little generic.

We teamed up with LNER to inject new life into their onboarding. The revamped programme dives deep into the customer journey and provides an invaluable understanding of how the business works. Sessions now weave communication skills, safety, safeguarding and customer service into the fabric of each step. They cover everything from choosing LNER to alighting from the train and exiting the station.

Attendees leave the new three-day programme knowing how their role and actions impact other teams and the business, and what challenges customers may face and how to deal with them effectively.

Nominated for three learning excellence awards, our new programme boasts a 40% speed-up in competency attainment. 96% of attendees found the entire induction enjoyable (not often you hear that), and 96% said they understand how LNER works as a business.

Working with LNER, we turned induction into excellence.