Project Description

Shine and 360 Skills for Life customer success story
Shine and 360 Skills for Life customer success story

The challenge

360 Skills For Life is a dynamic social enterprise developing essential skills for life in young people through an interactive learning approach. Working closely with partners in the public, private and third sectors has enabled 360 Skills for Life to develop a discuss, decide and do educational model. Operating from two physical locations on the South coast, was limiting visitor numbers. As COVID then forced the closure of both sites, a full digital transformation was the only viable option, recreating the face-to-face learning experiences online in an immersive, digital form.

Shine and 360 Skills for Life customer success story

Our approach

We partnered with 360 Skills For Life to provide consultancy regarding experiential learning and immersive technologies and to provide support for transitioning the existing scenarios into a digital experience.

Our solution

We designed a range of templates and guidelines to kick-start the redesign process, then supported the design of 18 safeguarding scenarios, and assisted in the design of the Skill City environment and a bespoke game-engine platform with CMS functionality.

With a future-proofed operating model, 360 Skills for Life have removed the biggest physical barrier to participation and growth; proximity to the physical learning centres.

The digital town has no restrictions on capacity, proximity or location. It needs no staff to operate; schools run the training from the classroom using an interactive whiteboard.

“The digital learning town has no limits on visitor numbers and is always open it’s the ideal location for young people to develop critical life skills.”

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